Thursday, August 09, 2012

alt-j - 'breezeblocks'

i've been recently evangelizing quite a bit for this fledgling band out of the uk. their first album, an awesome wave comes out sept 18th in the us. it blends lush instrumentation, hushed vocals, and polyrhythmic percussion. 'breezeblocks' verses sound like drunken bluesy hymns joined with a plucky toy piano until the chorus sweeps in with backwards synths and driving bass all culminating at the climax 'please don't go, i'll eat you whole, i love you so' which should ring familiar, (lines from maurice sendak's where the wild things are). expect a review of the whole album shortly. 

the whole album is streaming at the moment on soundcloud - listen here.

the music video is perplexing and, in the same vein as a horrifying car accident in reverse, it's nearly impossible to not watch. somehow it strangely fits the song in it's beautiful cinematography and scope. perhaps they took the lyrics to the song too literally...

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