Monday, October 16, 2006

humble beginnings

i wanted to start my blog on music with a very small background on who i am and how i've begun my life listening to my own soundtrack.

memories pop into my mind as quickly as the melodies crowded my ears growing up. some of my first musical memories, (other than the absolute horror of children's records my mother felt the maternal urge to assault my eardrums with), came from pop harmonies, whether it was the beatles (some of my early and continuing favorites) or simon and garfunkle with soft, simple, yet poignant verses. aside from the beatles, most of the music i enjoyed purely on the level as a student learning a foreign language by immersion; one of the most elemental ways to indulge, because while listening, there can be no judging of content. of course i do remember countless evenings singing alongside mccartney to "rocky raccoon", one of my past and present favs; bouncing from vowel to vowel in a tone i'm sure would only attract the audience of a family of deaf coyotes.

as i grew older, as many of us do, i became enamored with what syllables escaped from my lips. it wasn't as much quality at times, but i tried to parrot every single word i took in during my thoughtless, childbabble youth. whether it was sculpting my lips to create the perfect "bungalow" or focusing on the maximum amount of saliva i could shoot while pittering "prudence" (who would know i am a fan of the white album); i was working on becoming one of the great contortionists with my mouth, engaging in some of what could be classified as jibberjabber onslaughts. words flew, bounced off walls, collided with companions and were shot right back at me through the force that was my twin brother. i swear to you, i am... i was just trying to give a background, only a simple background.

as i grew older my taste moved with my mother's, as i had been occasionally pierced through the middle by country music artists my dad professed to enjoy. i listened to a good deal of sting and phil collins, which piled on top of the beatles, did much to aid my obsession with british music. i will admit to listening to many albums which cause a great many of my friends to melt down and between laughing fits and controlling their bowels cast me a look which only begins to punish me for the absurdity i had just spit out. yes, "nothing like the sun" was a consistent favorite and surely, at that age i had been destined to follow up delilah, devoting love struck ballads to sappy 30 somethings as they admitted within their pathetic existence, the romantic ballad they shared with their loved one is "more than words". although i will admit today, i think the guitar part and vocal harmonies are timeless; the song is simply one of the most cliche and thoughtless songs a couple could dedicate to a love life, (obviously indicating they would be more accepted if they dressed in flowing gowns singing hari krishna and downing poison jello in the middle of the busiest street, which I would have believed Tieton to be at my age).

to be continued...