Tuesday, March 20, 2012

usher - climax

ok. just to state this before anyone starts ripping into me. i like usher. there you go, your opinionated/snobby/particular friend enjoys usher. there. now, maybe no one else will give me flack for listening to r&b; i highly doubt it.

the diplo produced 'climax' just came out officially and to me, the mix is near flawless. usher's high flying falsettos careen delicately above deeply embedded synths bouncing back and forth. i'm admittedly not a big fan of diplo in most cases, so the fact that he restrains killing the chorus with overblown instrumentation and epileptic drums displays an amount of maturity which i haven't heard from him before. the atmosphere on 'climax' is something like i'd expect on mercury; very sparse. the low end is reminiscent of burial with less percussion, (there's even the james blake double timed high pitch click track right before the chorus- hear it?). the package is wrapped in usher's gillette tones. please enjoy.

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