Thursday, June 02, 2011

peter, bjorn and john - 'tomorrow has to wait'

again, thanks to guru nick for the recommendation. peter, bjorn and john are a power trio from sweden, who you've undoubtedly heard from before even if their name brings back childhood memories of a certain savior of a sandwich. their song 'young folks' was scattered across the internets, television and even videogames. i would whistle the theme and you would recognize it immediately. anyway, they have released a slew of albums in the millennium and their most recent one titled gimme some is gold. the first 6 tracks or will have you bobbing your head and even humming leads akin to 'young folks'. i'm picking to highlight a track which drove me on most of my trip through vietnam/thailand called 'tomorrow has to wait'.

the lead track begins on a droning guitar note and a high falsetto as the grinding bass grittily chugs along. 'i don't think you're sorry for what you did' peter blankly spits out. i can imagine a stadium of fists pumping along with the bass drum as it slams into your skull. the droning verse gives way as heavily distorted guitars swarm enmasse ,(ala nick zinner style). peter/tyler durden declares, 'if you control yourself and give up before you break, well, it's too late'. accusingly caustic of procrastination, this song swept me and i recommend you let it do the same for you.