Sunday, December 25, 2011

Sunday, December 11, 2011

radiohead - all i need

this song is like an open plane ticket. i'm never sure where it's going to take me, but it moves me. jay and i were talking about music at dimsum and this song came up.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

hans zimmer + charlie chaplin

damn, this really hit me to the core...
but then again i think you could put anything to the inception soundtrack and emotion bends like tall grass in the wind

Friday, November 04, 2011

sigur ros - lúppulagið

a new track just surfaced. delicate keys blend over a contorting melody; ambient, complex and beautiful.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

modeselektor - new tracks with thom yorke

some new modeselektor tracks from their new album monkeytown have surfaced. they sound very clubby, but still maintain some real bassy grooves with thom's falsetto drifting like a lazy rowboat in the tide. i think, 'this' is better, swiveling on a synthesized bass line giving eventually to a 'kill bill 4' chopped up percussion. hopefully these tracks indicate more good stuff coming on the modeselektor album.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

cant - rises silent

cant is chris taylor, who occasionally plays bass with a band called grizzly bear.

his new album, dreams come true, just came out. it's a erratic electronic ride. the song 'rises silent' is a favorite moment off it for me. it begins sounding like working for a nuclear free city or a mix of autechre with hushed vocals from my bloody valentine. jumpy percussion pads the smooth bass sliding until semi-pantomiming piano plucks minor bass chords while shards of synthesizers scatter.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

peter, bjorn and john - 'tomorrow has to wait'

again, thanks to guru nick for the recommendation. peter, bjorn and john are a power trio from sweden, who you've undoubtedly heard from before even if their name brings back childhood memories of a certain savior of a sandwich. their song 'young folks' was scattered across the internets, television and even videogames. i would whistle the theme and you would recognize it immediately. anyway, they have released a slew of albums in the millennium and their most recent one titled gimme some is gold. the first 6 tracks or will have you bobbing your head and even humming leads akin to 'young folks'. i'm picking to highlight a track which drove me on most of my trip through vietnam/thailand called 'tomorrow has to wait'.

the lead track begins on a droning guitar note and a high falsetto as the grinding bass grittily chugs along. 'i don't think you're sorry for what you did' peter blankly spits out. i can imagine a stadium of fists pumping along with the bass drum as it slams into your skull. the droning verse gives way as heavily distorted guitars swarm enmasse ,(ala nick zinner style). peter/tyler durden declares, 'if you control yourself and give up before you break, well, it's too late'. accusingly caustic of procrastination, this song swept me and i recommend you let it do the same for you.

Monday, April 25, 2011

other lives - 'for 12'

other lives is a band from oklahoma. their self titled debut reminded me of a bluegrassy south, with big melancholic strings and was produced by joey waronker.

their upcoming album is entitled
tamer animals. although they never sounded like an unbridled beast to me, they seem to have woven their music tighter. 'for 12' is a great step for them, enveloped the reverb, melting plinking upright pianos, a galloping rhythm, wyatt earp leads and haunting cello sounds. i enjoy that i didn't have an easy time guessing the direction of the chord progression and melodies. it even has a break that made me think of the good, the bad and the ugly. even though it doesn't truly have a climax, it's a great playlist starter on a cloudy day.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


well, it's my dad's birthday today, so first of all: happy birthday to my dear father, who i love to death! even your quirks, mannerisms and dad-sayings! love you, dad!

secondly, it is the eve of a grand journey, 3 seattleites are partaking in to a mystic music festival hidden in the mountains and taking place on polo grounds. i've always dreamed about going to coachella, but it never fell into place until this year. as the gray hairs are pushing forward, i'm wondering how much longer i can stand being cramped into sweaty festival scenes and in light of the effortless planning, (thanks to my californian friends) it made sense.

combining forces will be my little brother, who professes his more worldly perspective and experienced soul remains trapped within his youthful stature, and the venerable sizzler, who apparently believes since we survived austin city limits together that coachella will be a cakewalk, (i've also put him through vigorous tests in withstanding my own quirks). the californians jackie and liz will be alongside for moral support and genuine deep laughter that only comes at the verge of wetting oneself. we will all be camping in the same 10X30 space with jackie's lovable scion for the festivities. this will definitely put a stress test on myself, as i've never been to sasquatch or any festival where you don't actually leave the festival but for catnaps stolen in tents.

this all remains a bit daunting to me, but i am a lifetime subscriber to the theory that life is about the journey and i can't wait to imbibe this fantastic weekend of music, camping, sun and general revelry.

so far here are my notes (tentatively):
chemical bros
crystal castles
black keys
lauryn hill or (yacht and the pains of being pure at heart)
morning benders
titus andronicus
moving units

arcade fire?
paul van dyk
swell season
mumford and sons
bss or new pornographers
gogol or tallest man or foals

strokes or chromeo or phantogram
national or trentemoller
death from above

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

digitalism - 'blitz'

digitalism was lauded after their 2007 album, idealism and has announced they have a new package coming out called i love you dude (they are german, so please forgive punctuation).

they have a single off the new one called 'blitz' and i'm sharing the video with you. no quirky lyrics run through this song and it's more of a dark grinder itself.

after a beaten up introduction akin to a chewed up and spit out chariots of fire synthesizer, digitalism locks the bass and the bass drum and the beast of the song stirs: this beast being an infectious, repetitive dance track with glitchy percussion. then there is a brief dreamy build with a synth lead and the song promptly picks back up. 'blitz' has a dark edge built into it's poppy architecture and around 2:38 it gives way for just a moment and fades into a daft'y exit very similar to the entrance.

Friday, February 18, 2011

radiohead - 'lotus flower'

sorry to have been away for so long.

in case you didn't know, we are shortly embracing a new lp or whatever a newspaper album will be for radiohead's new album the king of limbs.

as mounting radiohead hype goes, a cryptic japanese message appeared stating 18:59 in a japanese square. at that moment, it seems the new music video for 'lotus flower' became available on youtube.

about the song, i've heard the live version by atoms for peace (thom's band) and loved the performances. the radiohead version is very jazzy and layered, very reminiscent of trip hop and sneaker pimps. driven by a big synth bass booming and thom's placating wails. the video is quite possibly a homage to thom's crazy dancing; note there is a choreographer. think thom = tom waits = charlie chaplin.

just listen. and believe. shortly we will have a new radiohead record!