Wednesday, April 13, 2011


well, it's my dad's birthday today, so first of all: happy birthday to my dear father, who i love to death! even your quirks, mannerisms and dad-sayings! love you, dad!

secondly, it is the eve of a grand journey, 3 seattleites are partaking in to a mystic music festival hidden in the mountains and taking place on polo grounds. i've always dreamed about going to coachella, but it never fell into place until this year. as the gray hairs are pushing forward, i'm wondering how much longer i can stand being cramped into sweaty festival scenes and in light of the effortless planning, (thanks to my californian friends) it made sense.

combining forces will be my little brother, who professes his more worldly perspective and experienced soul remains trapped within his youthful stature, and the venerable sizzler, who apparently believes since we survived austin city limits together that coachella will be a cakewalk, (i've also put him through vigorous tests in withstanding my own quirks). the californians jackie and liz will be alongside for moral support and genuine deep laughter that only comes at the verge of wetting oneself. we will all be camping in the same 10X30 space with jackie's lovable scion for the festivities. this will definitely put a stress test on myself, as i've never been to sasquatch or any festival where you don't actually leave the festival but for catnaps stolen in tents.

this all remains a bit daunting to me, but i am a lifetime subscriber to the theory that life is about the journey and i can't wait to imbibe this fantastic weekend of music, camping, sun and general revelry.

so far here are my notes (tentatively):
chemical bros
crystal castles
black keys
lauryn hill or (yacht and the pains of being pure at heart)
morning benders
titus andronicus
moving units

arcade fire?
paul van dyk
swell season
mumford and sons
bss or new pornographers
gogol or tallest man or foals

strokes or chromeo or phantogram
national or trentemoller
death from above

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