Thursday, May 14, 2009

the cinematics - keep forgetting

the cinematics are out of scotland. there are a number of reminders of their origin, whether it be a franz ferdinand-esque riff, bubbly bass or simple synths. 'keep forgetting' is off their arguably great lp a strange education, which blends spacey guitars ala u2, poppy vocals and mostly upbeat tracks.

if you want an idea of their sound, take a franz ferdinand verse guitar riff, add a chorus in the vein of dandy worhols and overlay vocals from kele from bloc party. the result isn't a sound you've never heard, but it's polished and constructed solidly. and i would be shocked if you don't have "there's something i keep forgetting..." stuck in your head.

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Todd LerFondler said...

Bloody hell mate! I know that lead singer! We used to sniff paint back in primary school in Dingwall. We used to call him Red, based on his color preference for huffing .

Good job Red!