Wednesday, April 29, 2009

say hi - one, two... one

say hi continues to amaze me with his relevance and sincerity; even through sarcasm. add these to his other claims to fame: he can write an albums worth of material about vampires; signature self deprecating humor and his blend of poppy, upbeat and goth-esque at the same time.

this is a track off his newest
oohs and aahs entitled 'one, two... one'. it's bluesy rooted guitar hooks in front of the mashed keys and pep band drums, (which for the record are done with reason and still sound damn live). on the new album eric's vocals have this ghostly reverb presence which almost appears before he sings.

this should be his next single (hint, hint)

youtube won't embed, so check out the album version here

or below for a live performance

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